Urban Design: What Role for Landscape Architects?

This event was jointly organized by the CSLA and the Council for Canadian Urbanism.

Panel abstract

The recent crop of National Urban Design Awards suggests that landscape architects have established a significant presence on the Canadian urban design scene. It is therefore perplexing that the profession’s urban resilience agenda remains firmly confined to traditional, nature-centric spheres of disciplinary activity such as the design of green spaces, natural asset conservation, or urban forestry. But is this enough? And is not the profession at risk of finding itself pigeonholed in a narrow, supportive role within the broader urban design enterprise? 

This panel will tackle these questions from the perspective of three 2020 National Urban Design Awards recipients: the Winnipeg North East Exchange District Public Realm (HTFC Planning and Design), 18 Shades of Gay, Montréal (Claude Cormier + Associés Inc.), and Le Corridor de bio-diversité de l’arrondissement Saint-Laurent (Civiliti + Table Architecture + LAND Italia + Biodiversité Conseil). Each project will be used to explore the interface between landscape architecture and urban design by highlighting concerns, methods, and strategies that transcend disciplinary boundaries. In doing so they will attempt to delineate the contours of a broader landscape-centric urban design practice.

Panelist Biographies

Jean Trottier (moderator), Associate Professor, MALA, CSLA, CIP, RPP, 

University of Manitoba

Jean Trottier is an Associate Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate urban design courses. He chairs the Editorial Board of Landscapes | Paysages Magazine and is a member of the Canadian Landscape Architecture Accreditation Council. He serves on the Council for Canadian Urbanism’s Board of Directors and is past Chair of Winnipeg’s Urban Design Advisory Committee. He represented the CSLA in the jurying of the 2020 National Urban Design Awards.

Glen Manning, Landscape Architect, MALA, OALA, SALA, NuALA, FCSLA, GRP

Principal, HTFC Planning and Design

Glen Manning is the managing principal at HTFC Planning & Design in Winnipeg, entering his 30th year of practice. He is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Manitoba, and has served on various stewardship-oriented boards, most recently as chair the Province of Manitoba’s Design of Public Spaces Standard Development Committee. His work has garnered several awards, and often involves bridging gaps between engineering, architecture, communities and living systems.


Yannick Roberge, Landscape Architect, B.Sc. Anthropology, AAPQ, CSLA

Studio Director of Design, Claude Cormier & Associés

Yannick Roberge is Studio Director of Design at Claude Cormier et Associés. He is implicated in the conceptual development of projects within the team. His gift for innovation and unique solutions are grounded in rigorous research and insights into the specificities of each project, giving him clarity and confidence to translate the poetics of a design into built form. His multidisciplinary background informs a sensitivity for both the concrete and the intangible that attest to his understanding of humanities and design.


Peter Soland, Architect, Landscape Architect, Urban Designer, OAQ, AAPQ, CSLA

Principal, civiliti

Peter Soland is as an architect and landscape architect trained at the University of Montreal and Yale University. He founded his urban design firm in 2001 and launched civiliti in 2015. The firm has been awarded prizes in urban design, landscape architecture, planning and placemaking. Keen observer of urban landscapes, his work is anchored by a poetic approach to the city and is centered on the creation of inclusive urban landscapes that carry the city’s identity into diverse built environments. He is inspired to create contemporary spaces that are seamlessly integrated into their environment, while supporting the creation of new forms and meanings.

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