You can purchase tour tickets when you register for the CSLA-AALA 2020 Congress.

If you have already registered for Congress and would like to add a tour to your schedule, please email Katherine at and provide:
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       2. The name of the tour you wish to purchase

An invoice will be sent to you by email and the visit will be added to your registration once the purchase is completed.


Fish Creek Park Walking Tour

Fish Creek Provincial Park is an oasis surrounded by the City of Calgary. Visit North America’s largest urban park for a study in natural flora and fauna, as well as a discussion about historical land uses and their impact on the present. 
Thursday, 2-4 pm, $25


Dale Hodges Park Walking Tour

The transformation of a gravel quarry on the banks of the Bow River has created a new park that focuses on the relationship of cities, open space, people, and water. The park is conceived as a stormwater filter, cleanses water from upstream catchment areas along an innovative journey through treatment cells, wetlands, and streams. The tour will feature consultants and The City of Calgary. 

                                                                                                      Thursday, 2-4 pm, $25


Floating the Bow Tour

Enjoy an iconic Calgary experience, floating in a raft while learning about how the Bow River affects Calgary’s past, present, and future, as well as how Calgary affects the Bow River. Discuss how the flood of 2013 changed the relationship between the city and the river. Spot local species and learn from a local guide. 

Thursday, 3-6 pm, $60


Calgary Zoo Through the Eyes of a Landscape Architect

Visit one of Canada’s most acclaimed zoos to see how recent landscape architecture improvements have impacted the visitor experience. Discuss the roles of zoos in the past, present, and future. This tour includes a short ride on Calgary’s C-Train as well as time for individual exploration. 

Thursday, 3-6 pm, $25



Green Roof Tour

The potential benefits of green roofs are well known, and they continue to gain popularity in urban centres around the world. However, each green roof also has its set of challenges owing to various factors. On this walking tour, visit a selection of Calgary’s green roofs and other “Living Architecture” points of interest and learn about the unique circumstances of each. 

Thursday, 2-4 pm, $25


Beltline Park Urban Play Tour

The role of play is critical in our increasingly urban lives. Landscape architects embrace their role as advocates for opportunities for children (and adults) to play creatively in an urban setting. This tour will visit numerous sites in one of Calgary’s most popular and populous neighbourhoods, the Beltline. Use this tour as an opportunity to find your inner child and play! 

Friday, 3:15 to 5 pm, $25


River Run East Running Tour

Head east and enjoy a little exercise and fresh air while experiencing Calgary’s Riverwalk, a riverfront pathway embracing the Bow River and celebrating its history. Other sites include Fort Calgary, and the charming neighbourhood of Inglewood. 

Friday, 3:15 to 5 pm, $25


Ralph Klein Park Nature Play Tour

Visit this 30 hectare wetland park in the city, named after a former mayor of Calgary (and premier of Alberta). The park includes an environmental education center, wetland viewing, nature trails, and a large natural playground. This tour includes time for individual exploration and play. 

Friday, 3:15 to 5 pm, $25


West Eau Claire Park Walking Tour

The project for West Eau Claire Park is a re-imagining of a highly valued public space along the Bow River that creates new public amenities while weaving critical flood mitigation measures into the fabric of the park. It helps to build a more beautiful, safe, connected, and vibrant city, while strengthening the city's resiliency to changing climates. The tour will take participants along through RiverWalk, Eau Claire, and into Kensington. It will feature consultants and The City of Calgary. 

Friday, 3:15 to 5 pm, $25


Stephen Ave Over and Under Walking Tour

Explore Calgary’s most iconic street and only pedestrian mall as the City makes plans for Stephen Avenue 3.0. Explore and discuss how changes in the ways Canadians live, work and play are transforming the public realm. Take a few short detours to visit Calgary’s CPR underpasses and see how these once neglected spaces are enriching the downtown core.  

                                                                                                      Saturday, 3:45 to 5 pm, $25


Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Walking Tour

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary has been providing a place for birds to rest their wings since 1929. As the city has changed around it, so to has the sanctuary, with recent facility upgrades, as well as incorporation into one of Calgary’s newest park developments Bend in the Bow. The park includes nature trails and ample opportunities for nature viewing. 

Saturday, 3:45 to 5 pm, $25



River Pathway Run West Running Tour

Head west for exercise and fresh air while taking in Calgary’s downtown skyline, the historic Centre Street bridge, and the Peace Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava, among other sites. 

Saturday, 3:45 to 5 pm, $25


Kensington Memorial Spaces Walking Tour

Explore some of the spaces along Calgary’s Memorial Drive, one of our main east/west corridors. Discuss the characteristics of a successful memorial from the perspective of landscape architecture. Finally, enjoy an optional treat to Crave, the home of Calgary’s best cupcakes. 

Saturday, 3:45 to 5 pm, $25


East Village and Library Tour

The past decade has seen remarkable changes in Calgary’s east village. Learn how one of Calgary’s oldest neighbourhoods has changed over time and see evidence of urban renewal. One of the latest additions is Central Memorial Library, Calgary’s newest landmark building. 

Saturday, 3:45 to 5 pm, $25



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