Thanks to Maglin Site Furniture, the title sponsor of the 2023 Congress

 Thursday, June 15th
All Day Registration Desk Open, Salon Level
9am - 11:30am Leadership Group Meeting (by invitation only), Gallery B

12pm - 5:30pm





TOUR: Batoche National Historic Site, $100 (includes lunch) (ticketed event) Lobby, sponsored by Naylor Association Solutions


12:30pm - 2:30pm TOUR: Meewasin Valley Bike Tour, $60 (includes bicycle rental) (ticketed event) Lobby
3pm - 5pm TOUR: Northeast Swale Walking Tour by Keynote Speaker Candace Savage, $60 (includes transportation) (ticketed event) Lobby
3pm - 5:30pm TOUR: Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise, $60 (ticketed event) Lobby
3:30pm - 4:30pm

TOUR: Downtown Walking Tour, $30 (ticketed event) Lobby, sponsored by Unilock


3:30pm - 4:30pm TOUR: Meewasin Valley Walking Tour 1 – River Landing, $30 (ticked event) Lobby

6pm - 8pm


CSLA, SALA and LACF Presidents Welcome Reception Riverview Room, Remai Modern Gallery, 102 Spadina Cr. East

Note that you may visit the Remai Modern Gallery from 5-9 pm

 Friday, June 16th
All Day Registration Desk Open, Salon Level
7:15am to 9:30am LACF Board Meeting (by invitation only), Gallery A
7:30am - 9am Breakfast, Salon C-D
9am - 9:30am Opening Ceremonies, Salon C-D
9:30am - 10:30am KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Joely BigEagle-Kequahtooway Salon C-D 
10:30am - 11am Break, Salon C-D

11am - 11:45am






Educational Sessions 

Gallery A: Gail Schillingford, Unpacking Inclusivity 

Gallery B: Marie-Ève Parent & Patricia Lussier, Reimagining Landscape Architecture as a Source of Missing Intergenerational Space in Cities

Gallery C: James Roche, Emerging Cities Leading the Way for Restorative Landscapes

Gallery D: Sheila Boudreau and Tiffany Adair, Two Generations Thinking Seven Generations

11:45am - 1pm






Lunch, Salon C-D. Sponsored by Equiparc

1pm - 1:45pm







Educational Sessions 

Gallery A: Cynthia Graham and Jill Robertson, Reflections of Contemporary Practice: Equity and Inclusion in Rapidly Changing Times

Gallery B: Hyaeinn Lee, Beauty and Wonder in Planning and Designing Parks and Open Spaces for Community-oriented Public Buildings 

Gallery C: Trevor McIntyre and Qiwei Song, Lessons Learned in Designing for Positive Change: Applying Big Data and Computer Vision to Investigate the Impacts of Temporary Outdoor

Gallery D: Shanna McKinnon, Small Moves, Big Impact: Why permanent public realm improvements should be included in “quick-build” projects

1:45pm - 2pm Break, Salon C-D

2pm - 2:45 pm












Educational Sessions

Gallery A: (until 3:30 pm) The CSLA Awards of Excellence Program and 2023 awards recipients, Moderated by Yvonne Yeung and Michael von Hausen, co-chairs of the CSLA Awards program and featuring:

  • An introduction to the CSLA Awards of Excellence Program
  • Awards winning panelists and an interactive discussion with the audience about inspiration, evolution, execution, impact
  • An opportunity to learn more about the CSLA Awards Program for 2024: eligibility, submission criteria, 2024 call for submission and timeline

Gallery C: Julie St-Arnault, Promoting well-being through the reintroduction of nature into our urban landscapes 

Gallery D: Panel on Urban Trees and Forests (until 3:30), Moderated by Michelle Tustin and featuring speakers: 

  • Cynthia Girling, More trees! Evidence about increasing canopy cover and indoor/outdoor shading
  • Tim McCormick, David Waverman, Kimberley Beech, Seeing Trees: A Collective Approach to Tree Assessment
2:45pm - 3:15pm Break, Salon Salon C-D

3:15pm - 4:15pm






LACF Grants and Scholarship Recipients Show and Tell, Gallery B, sponsored by HTFC


Have you ever received a LACF scholarship or annual grant? If so, come join us at this show and tell and share the impact those funds had on your career.

3:30pm - 4:30pm TOUR: Meewasin Valley Walking Tour 2 – Kinsmen Waterfront, $30 (ticketed event), Lobby
3:30pm - 4:30pm TOUR: Downtown Saskatoon Walking Tour, $30 (ticketed event), Lobby
3pm - 5pm TOUR: Saskatoon Pedal Pub, $50 (ticketed event), Lobby
3pm - 5pm TOUR: Black Fox Farm and Distillery, $60 (ticketed event), Lobby
3pm - 5:30pm TOUR: Wanuskewin Heritage Park, $50 (ticketed event), Lobby
3pm - 5:30pm TOUR: Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise, $60 (ticketed event), Lobby
5pm - 9pm Trade Show Visit, Salon ABE and Foyer
5pm - 9pm Cocktail Reception, Salon ABE and Foyer
Saturday, June 17th
All Day Registration Desk Open, Salon Level
8am - 3pm Trade Show Visit, Salon ABE and Foyer
8am - 9am Breakfast, Salon A-B-E & Foyer
9am - 9:15am Welcome, Salon C-D
9:15am - 10:15am KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Candace Savage, Salon C-D
10:15am - 10:45am Break, Salon A-B-E & Foyer

10:45am - 12pm



Suppliers’ Technical Sessions (Trade Show)

10:45 to 11 am: Sarah Doyle, Head of Sustainability, Maglin Site Furniture, Maglin's Environmental Product Declarationss: What are they, why they are important to landscape architects, and how to use them

10:45am- 12pm Cultural Landscapes and Legacy Committee: Workshop on the Collection of Cultural Landscapes, Gallery B

10:45am - 12pm






Canadian Landscape Standard: Growing Medium National Consultation, Gallery A, sponsored by Crosby Hanna & Associates

crosby hanna

11:45am - 1pm




Lunch, Salon A-B-E & Foyer, sponsored by Landscape Forms


1pm - 1:45pm





Educational Sessions

Gallery A: Genevieve Russell & Shannon Dyck, Saskatoon’s green pathways towards an interconnected green network 

Gallery B: Mark Bauche and Marilyn Gould, (Re)Assemble: Saskatoon’s Urban Festival Site

Gallery C: Nathan Schleicher & Michelle Tustin, Stories through Design: A Play Space Nurtured by a Culture of Storytelling

Gallery D: Kathryn McCudden, On Beauty: a role for environmental design in landscape conservation efforts 

1:45pm - 2pm Break, Salon A-B-E & Foyer

2pm - 2:45pm






Educational Sessions

Gallery A: Yvonne Yeung, 15-min Walkable Communities to Enhance Health and Well-being and Reverse Climate Change

Gallery B: Mike Velonas, Meewasin Valley Authority and a Potential National Urban Park

Gallery C: Patricia Lussier & Ariane Malo-Sauvé, Inviting Nature Back In: Repositioning Public Space to Benefit Both Community and Biodiversity

Gallery D: Virginia Burt, Transcending Boundaries: A Journey of Healing

2:45pm - 3:15pm Break, Salon A-B-E & Foyer
3pm - 5pm TOUR: Saskatoon Pedal Pub, $50 (ticketed event), Lobby
3pm - 5pm TOUR: Beaver Creek Pollinator Walk, $55 (ticketed event), Lobby
3:15pm - 4:30pm TOUR: Meewasin Valley Walking Tour 3 – River Landing, $30 (ticketed event), Lobby
3pm - 5pm TOUR: Restoring 71 Natural Area and Trails, $40 (ticketed event), Lobby

5pm - 7pm


College of Fellows Investiture Ceremony and Reception, Salon D

All delegates are invited to the investiture ceremony and the reception. However, a ticket is required for the gala dinner. 

7pm - 10pm Awards Gala, $150 (ticketed event), Salon D

CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5