Call for Abstracts – Virtual Field Sessions

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) and Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA) invite members, including students from accredited landscape architecture programs, to submit abstracts for Virtual Field Sessions to be shared at the upcoming 2021 CSLA-OALA Virtual Congress scheduled May 27-29, 2021.

The CSLA-OALA Congress Planning Committee will be offering the 2021 Congress via an online platform for the first time in the history of the Congress. We are excited to plan an accessible online program that will offer education, engagement and networking to landscape architects all across the country! Save the travel time and accommodation costs, and still gain all the benefits of this exciting annual event.

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Click here to access the online submission form.

Submission Deadline: February 16th, 2021 at 4 pm EDT.

Virtual Field Session Format

An excellent opportunity to showcase your projects, as they relate to Nature-Based Solutions!

Field Sessions will be offered in lieu of on-site tours in the Congress schedule. All Field Sessions will be organized to include a short, pre-recorded tour of the subject site (up to 15 minutes in length with a 5- minute opportunity for questions. Could be in video format, PowerPoint, YouTube etc.), followed by an interactive question and answer period with presenters. Since opportunities to present a Field Session are limited and are intended to replace on-site tours, we are seeking short, engaging, high quality presentation videos. Field Sessions could include a combination of audio recordings, video recordings, photographs, and slides. Note that project sites may be under construction, or complete.

Two to three concurrent Field Sessions will be offered on all three days of the CSLA Congress, possibly organized by geographic location: Local (Ottawa and surrounding area), Provincial (Ontario), and National (Canada), or by topic relevance.

Pre-recorded Field Sessions and interactive question and answer periods will be made available to delegates who are participating via webcasting. Presenters and participants should expect that all components of the professional program will be recorded. Note that presentations will also be available online following the event.

Congress Theme

Nature-Based Solutions: The Green Recovery that Ensures a Great Recovery

Sessions that highlight or speak to the Congress theme will be prioritized. Click here to read more about the Congress Theme.

Highlighting the indigenous context of nature-based solutions is encouraged in addition to demonstrating innovation and creativity elements of the design. 

Submission Process

Please review the following information before submitting a proposal. Complete the following form, attaching any requested additional information, and email it to

Submission Deadline: February 16th, 2021 at 4 pm EDT.

The organizing committee will respond to selected proposals by March 9th, 2021. Virtual Field Session Presentation files will be required to be submitted by April 27th, 2021. All presenters at Congress will be required to register for the Congress in the same manner as all Congress delegates, and to pay applicable registration fees by April 27th.

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