Call for Abstracts

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) together with the Atlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects (APALA) invite qualified experts to submit abstracts for presentations and sessions to be presented at the upcoming 2022 CSLA-APALA Congress and virtual pre-conference event.

In-person presentations are scheduled to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 9-11, 2022. Presentations are scheduled on June 10th and 11th, and we expect 200 to 300 delegates to be present.

A virtual pre-conference event will be held in May 2022 (date TBD) where keynote presentations and educational sessions will also be offered. Presenters may be invited to present at the virtual event (20-minute sessions), the in-person event (30 minute sessions), or both. Furthermore, we welcome abstracts that propose a pre-conference presentation at the virtual event which could be expanded upon at the in-person event.

Download the submission form here

The deadline to submit your proposal is January 10, 2022

CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5