2024 CSLA-MALA Congress Program








The CSLA-MALA Virtual Congress was held April 23rd, 2024 from 2 to 4 pm ET

Click here to see the recording of the virtual congress. The following speakers were featured:

  • Keynote Speaker: Kofi Boone
  • Colleen Mercer Clarke, Saving Nature: Our role in the fight to sustain biodiversity at home and abroad
  • Catherine Auger, Jardin de bord de mer: vivre avec un littoral en transition
  • Corey Dawson, A grading design tool for landscape architects: Using River Builder for nature-based solutions to riverscape restoration and flood risk management
  • Kristina Zalite & Cory Douglas, A Case Study on Decolonizing Design at the Riverside Housing Project

Learn more about the Educational Sessions

In-Person Congress, May 30th to June 1st, RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave, Winnipeg

To register click here and view the program, below.

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Event Code of Conduct

We expect that everyone will be on their best behavior! Please click here to read the event code of conduct

Participate in the Find a Fellow-Find a Student Challenge to win!

Are you a student? Are you a Fellow? If so, you can participate in the Find a Fellow-Find a Student Challenge.

Find a CSLA Fellow or a student during the Congress (they will have a ribbon on their badge) and take the opportunity to ask them about their practice, their career path, and more! Ask them to sign the back of your badge, and when the Congress is over, email a picture of your badge to the CSLA at executive-director@csla-aapc.ca.

The student with the most signatures will win free registration to a future Congress, and the Fellow with the most signatures will get bragging rights!


Photographs may be taken at this event. If you do not consent to your photograph being used in future CSLA distributions, please notify the CSLA office.

Provisional Program

(all times local)

Thursday, May 30th
7:30 am-12pm Breakfast and Meeting of the Leadership Group (CSLA Board, LACF and Component Presidents, Chairs of the CSLA Committees) (Meeting Room 15) By invitation only


Registration Desk Open (from 12 to 4 at RBC Convention Centre, from 5 onwards at Winnipeg Art Gallery)

urban systemsTOUR: Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail and Boardwalk
(Lunch included) $140, *Ticketed Event

Sponsored by Urban Systems

12-3pm     LACF Board Meeting (Meeting Room 15) By invitation only

TOUR: University of Manitoba Campus Tour, $50, *Ticketed Event


LFTOUR: The Leaf (Building + Diversity Gardens), $75, *Ticketed Event

Sponsored by Landscape Forms



The Path: Reconciliation Training on Cultural Awareness: In this session offered by Jennifer David of NVision Group, you will explore Indigenous cultures and worldviews. (Meeting Room 15) *Ticketed Event
6-8pm CSLA, MALA and LACF Presidents’ Reception at Winnipeg Art Gallery (Congress delegates can visit the gallery as of 5 pm for the rebated price of $12 - regularly priced at $18) (300 Memorial Blvd, Winnipeg)
8:30 onwards After party at the Beer Can (1 Granite Way)
Friday, May 31st 
7:30am – 9pm Registration Desk Open (Foyer)
7:30am - 9pm

Trade Show (Meeting Room 1-3, 9-13)

7:30-8:30am Breakfast in the Trade Show
8:30am Official Opening (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)
9-10am Keynote Speaker: Niigan Sinclair (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)
10-10:30am Coffee Break in the Trade Show
10:30 - 11:30am

PANEL: The Sea2City Design Challenge: Transformative Collaboration and the Evolving Role of Landscape Architecture in Resilient Urban Environments (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)

Sea2City represents a paradigm shift in landscape architecture, demonstrating its leadership in addressing contemporary urban challenges through innovative collaboration and processes that support healing between cultures. This session will start with a 20-minute presentation of the project followed by a 40-minute panel discussion.

Learn more

10:30am - 12pm The Path: Reconciliation Training on Building Indigenous Intercultural Capacity (Pan Am Room) In this session offered by Jennifer David of NVision Group, you will learn about race and culture, bias and stereotypes, how to build Indigenous intercultural capacity and engagement. *Ticketed Event
10:30 - 11:30am

Educational Sessions - Learn more about each session here

Room 2E Donald Hester, A Tale of Two Riverbank Projects - The Essence of Time

Room 2F - Hyaeinn Lee, Joy Cannot Be Cancelled

Room 2G - Naomi Ratte and Constantina Douvris, Decolonizing Landscape Architectural Process: Design Guidelines at Naawi-Oodena

Room 2H - Thomas Woltz, Matt Sloan, Nathan Roth, Angela Hobson, Evolving Legacies: Revolutionizing, Restoring & Reimagining North America's Urban Green and Blue Networks

11:30am - 1pm Lunch in the Trade Show
11:30 am-1 pm Headshot Lounge: Make your way to the trade show to update your headshot with our free professional headshot service. 

Educational Sessions - Learn more about each session here

Room 2E - Jean Trottier & Ryan Coates, Little Forks: A Grassroots National Urban Park for Winnipeg

Room 2F - Sonja Vangjeli, The Future of Quality of Life in Canadian Cities: Landscape Urbanism Perspectives & Tools

Room 2G - Alissa North, Innate Terrain: Canadian Landscape Architecture, Book Talk

Room 2H - Jane Welsh, Saving Nature : Our role in the fight to sustain biodiversity in an urban environment

2-2:15pm Coffee Break in the Trade Show

Educational Sessions - Learn more about each session here

Room 2E - Michael Magnan and Chris Grosset, Peripheral Vision: exploration from the boundaries of landscape architecture

Room 2F - Katherine Sheie, Slabtown Sequence: From Naught to Neighborhood, Post-Industrial Urban Design in Portland, OR

Room 2G - Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, "Landscapers Unite". The Olmsted Influence on the Practise of Landscape Architecture in Canada

Room 2H - Jennifer McWhirter, Synthesizing Shade Research to Catalyze Evidence-based Practice and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

3:30-8 pm Headshot Lounge: Make your way to the trade show to update your headshot with our free professional headshot service. 

TOUR: Exchange District Pedal Pub Tour, $60 *Ticketed Event

Sponsored by Unilock unilock

3:30-5:30pm TOUR: The Leaf: Biomes + Building (Indoor Tour Only), $50 *Ticketed Event

TOUR : The Leaf: Diversity Gardens + Qualico Centre, Assiniboine Park (Outdoor Tour Only), $50 *Ticketed Event

3:30-5:30pm TOUR : The Forks: Water Taxi Tour, $50 *Ticketed Event
3:30-5:30pm TOUR : Henteleff Park, $50 *Ticketed Event
3:30-5:30pm TOUR : Exchange District Trolley Tour, $40 *Ticketed Event
5-8pm Reception in the Trade Show
Saturday, June 1st 
7:30am - 5pm Registration Desk Open (Foyer)
8-8:45am Breakfast (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)
8:45-9am Welcome
9-10am Keynote Speaker: Rasmus Astrup (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)
10-10:15am Coffee Break (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)
10:15-11:45am Courageous Conversations: An opportunity to explore justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the profession, hosted by the CSLA’s National Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (Breakout Room 2E)

Moving Forward: A Panel Exploring the Future of the Profession (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)

Janet Rosenberg, Doug Paterson, Rachael Fitkowski and Nastaran Moradinejad will be featured in a panel discussion entitled: Moving Forward: A Panel Exploring the Future of the Profession.

11:45am - 12:30pm Lunch (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)
12:30 - 1:15pm Keynote Speaker and Comedian: Paul Huschilt on Humour Resilience & Change  - Landscape architects face lots of stress - urgent demands, constant change, and a never ending stream of pressures and responsibilities. Humour Resilience & Change gives us a chance to step back, regroup, and think about strategies for our own well-being. Paul Huschilt, Resilience & Wellness Expert, will make us laugh and help us with ways to create a new relationship with stress and our own resilience.  He will share his techniques on how to get the most out of life with humour, keep the tides of change in perspective, and smile through just about anything.  This talk is guaranteed to leave you laughing and you won’t even realize you learned a thing or two. (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)

Educational Sessions - Learn more about each session here

Room 2E - Monica Giesbrecht and Gerald Dieleman, The Leaf - A Plant Focused Multicultural Community Centre Revolution (redefining the modern botanical garden)

Room 2F - Jason Simituk, Evaluating the Environmental Impact: Contrasting Natural and Artificial Turf Systems

Room 2G - Desiree Theriault, Trauma-Informed Landscape Architecture Through Storytelling and Empathy

Room 2H - Guy Walter, Landscape Architecture in Thunder Bay - Getting Visible


Educational Sessions - Learn more about each session here

Room 2E - Katherine Dunster, It’s not an either / or: the biodiversity and climate change crises are feeding each other and landscape architecture can be a partner in positive solution

Room 2F - Maheshika Ekanayake, Experimenting Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design (BSUD) Approach to Realize Ecological Corridors in Vancouver, Canada

Room 2G - Virginia Burt, Sylvia Behr, Robert Wright & Ethan Aquino-Chien, Pencils to Pixels: The alchemy of Idea to Reality

3:30-5pm TOUR : Tyndall Tour by the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, $40 *Ticketed Event
3:45-5pm TOUR : The Forks: Water Taxi Tour, $50 *Ticketed Event
3:30-4:45pm TOUR : Winnipeg Exchange District Sketch Tour, $40 *Ticketed Event
3:45-5pm TOUR : Legislative Grounds Walking Tour, $50 *Ticketed Event
3:30-4:45pm TOUR : Exchange District Trolley Tour, $40 *Ticketed Event
5:30-6:30pm College of Fellows Investiture Ceremony (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)
6:30-7:15pm Reception: Appetizers and Cocktails (General Session Meeting Room 4-8)
7:15pm onwards

maglinCSLA 90th Anniversary and Awards Gala (General Session Meeting Room 4-8) *Ticketed event. Sponsored by Maglin Site Furniture

CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5