2020 Congress

UPDATE MAY 4, 2020

It is with great regret that CSLA and AALA announce the cancellation of the 2020 CSLA-AALA Congress originally planned for June, 2020, in Calgary.
After much analysis and discussion, our Boards and the Planning Committee felt that the most responsible course of action was to cancel the event. In the face of a potential second wave of COVID-19 and in light of mitigating financial risk to both associations, cancellation was the most responsible choice to protect the health, safety and wellness of the associations, our members, and our partners, speakers, and vendors. 
All Congress registrations will be refunded during the course of the next two weeks, and the CSLA-AALA Congress Planning Committee will be reviewing whether any of our planned events and educational content should be postponed to the 2021 Congress, or held virtually.

Thank you to Maglin Site Furniture, the Congress Title Sponsor!


The theme of the 2020 Congress is:

The Essence of Time: A Speculative Reflection on Landscape Architecture.

Landscape architecture has been forged by the challenges and opportunities presented by changing cultural and ecological needs of our world. Our choices and decisions are impacted by shifts in politics, climates, economies, social norms, styles, trends, and technology. Shifts occur in standards and best practices, materials and resources, people and technology. Our understanding of time, space, and nature are continually evolving as scientific discoveries stretch our imagination and speculate on an uncertain future. The way we respond to these changes and the choices we make is what our legacy becomes and what charts our future. Some are big decisions, and some are small. Some will impact millions over generations, and some will impact only a few.  

The 2020 AALA-CSLA Congress gives us the opportunity to reflect on our past, consider our present, and anticipate our future. Let us examine the opportunities and challenges that have shaped our current reality, both locally and globally. Let us speculate on those challenges and opportunities we will face in the future. Let's talk about fashion, trends, technology, and theories. Let’s talk about infrastructure, industrialization, post-modernism, and immigration. Let’s talk about bees and climate change, driverless cars and life on mars.

Through a diverse program of presentations, walking tours, and other amazing activities, we will contemplate the full breadth and depth of our profession. We have organized the conference in three broad subthemes, The Past, The Present, and The Future. Throughout the weekend you will be able to tailor your conference to examine one or multiple streams. We welcome you to Calgary, a city whose lineage can be traced back 13,000 years and look forward to a thoughtful and exciting weekend of discovery. 

The Past

What are the circumstances and decisions that led our cities, our landscapes, and our profession, to where we are today? What stands out? What doesn't? What should? Do we have any regrets? Should we?  

The Present

Let’s pause and mindfully consider our profession today. What are the drivers of change? Where are we leading, and where are we falling behind?  What are the motivations that will define our present legacy? 

The Future

Where are we headed? What choices and actions will our profession be required to make in 2120, and beyond? Climate change is certain. Driverless cars are probable. What current basic assumptions will change to forge new directions for landscape architects? In what new territories, fields, or planets will we find our profession? 

The Planning Committee

Jonathan Sagi, Chair

Todd Reade, AALA Executive Director

Michelle Legault, CSLA Executive Director

Matt Williams, AALA President

Jill Robertson, AALA

CSLA | AAPC 12 Forillon Crescent, Ottawa ON K2M 2W5