2014 Congress

leaders in climate conscious design & planning

The 2014 CSLA Congress was held in Ottawa at the Château Laurier Hotel from May 29th to 31st, 2014. Over 275 people participated in the Congress!

Program and Presentations

CLICK HERE to read the official Congress Program

J. Craig Applegath: Symbiotic City: How Smart, Regenerative Cities Might Save the Planet, CLICK HERE to learn more

Donald Crockett: Rainwater as a ResourceCLICK HERE to download the presentation

Donald Crockett: Sea Level Rise and Design for Coastal Flood ManagementCLICK HERE to download the presentation

Drew A. Graham: Census Tract-Level Outdoor Human Thermal Comfort Modelling and Heat-Related Morbidity Analysis During Extreme Heat Events in Toronto: The Impact of Design Modifications to the Urban Landscape, CLICK HERE to download the presentation

Alec Hay and Gail Shillingford: The Public Realm in Resilient Communities, CLICK HERE to download the presentation

Clara Kwon: Canopy Size and Climate Change: Growing Trees in City Sidewalks, CLICK HERE to download the presentation

Ron Middleton: Sins of the Past - Hope for the FutureCLICK HERE to download the presentation

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander - Innovative Landscape Architecture In The Canadian North, CLICK HERE to download the presentation

News and Information

OTTAWA, May 12th, 2014 - Landscape Architects Lead Discussion on Climate Conscious Design and Planning at CSLA Congress in Ottawa, May 29-31, 2014

Author David Philips, 'Canada's Weatherman' to Give Keynote Address at CSLA Congress in May 2014

Leading Climate Scientist Dr. Andrew Weaver to Give Keynote Address at Congress

Congress Theme

The theme of the 2014 Congress, CLIMATES | ADAPTATIONS | LANDSCAPES, focusses on the role of adaptive planning and design in advancing resilience and preparedness in landscapes in communities faced with the challenge of changing climate. Key messages for this Congress will be:

  • the role of interdisciplinary science in improving understanding and communicating knowledge of climate change vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities;
  • innovative thinking in anticipatory planning; and
  • insightful adaptive design and implementation.

2014 Congress Planning Committee

The members of the 2014 Congress Planning Committee were:

Steve Sunderland, Co-Chair
Gerry Lajunesse, Co-Chair
Colleen Mercer-Clarke, Chair of Program Sub-Committee
Natalie Walliser
Kathy Dunster
Dominique Bourdeau
Susan Fisher
Jill Robertson
Linda Dicaire
Scott Mason (Sponsorship Coordinator)

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