Urban Canopy Working Group

“The practice of landscape architecture is rooted in a highly developed understanding of natural systems – which is why it is so important for our profession to overtly engage in tackling adaptation and mitigation of our changing climate. The Committee on Climate Adaptation will marshal some of our considerable collective talent to articulate and advance positions and solutions to the climate crisis.” – Jane Welsh, Chair, Committee on Climate Adaptation

About the Workgroup

Since 2014, the CSLA’s Committee on Climate Adaptation has developed a number of policy documents and tools to further involve the profession of landscape architecture in climate adaptation. The Committee’s goal is to ensure a prosperous future within a changing climate by creating a society which has: an enhanced capacity for resilience, a willingness to transform to a better state, and a commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability of environments, cultures and well-being.

Recently, the Committee formed the Urban Canopy Working Group. The objective of the working group is to partner with arborists, the Canadian Landscape Standard Steering Committee and other stakeholders, such as the Canadian Forestry Service and the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, to create a user-friendly report on which species of trees are best-suited for planting by region of Canada. The workgroup will explore if this report could eventually be included in the Canadian Landscape Standard. 

The development of tools and guidelines supporting our urban canopy supports many of our associations’, government and global objectives, such as:

The workgroup operates under the aegis of the CSLA's Committee on Climate Adaptation and with the support of CSLA staff. The workgroup is chaired by Nicci Theroux (BC). 

For More Information:

Michelle Legault, CSLA Executive Director, at executive-director@csla-aapc.ca, or at 613-668-4775

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