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Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Action Plan for:  

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, the Ontario Association of  Landscape Architects (OALA), the Manitoba Association of Landscape  Architects (MALA) and other provincial, territorial and regional component  associations (APALA, SALA, BCSLA, NuALA, NWTALA, AAPQ and AALA) and  the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF).

About the RFP

CSLA, OALA, and the MALA are seeking an experienced diversity consultant to advise on and  support our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) work.  

The main objectives of the consultancy are as follows: 

The goal of this project is to advise the CSLA, OALA, and the MALA on a strategic, coherent  action plan to foster JEDI in the profession, and guide how we address social justice issues. The  action plan will be informed by several sources, including:

  • an open letter received from members in June 2020, largely focused on systemic racism and  breaking down barriers to diversity within our existing associations 
  • actions taken by our associations to date 
  • actions proposed by the members of our Joint Task Forces 
  • a national diversity survey undertaken in the Fall of 2020 
  • the work to date of other related professional associations, such as ASLA, CIP, RAIC, UIC, etc. The elements to be included in the action plan are: 
  • JEDI goals, such as high-level initiatives we should meet to foster JEDI in the profession, with  a view of both the internal workings of our associations, and initiatives that could achieve  professional objectives as a whole 
  • identifying actions and areas of responsibility for national and provincial, territorial and  regional component associations in landscape architecture and the LACF, supporting how we  will achieve our goals 
  • undertaking a review of our associations’ activities and identifying room for improvement as  actions 
  • understanding how anti-racism and Reconciliation can be addressed within the action plan 
  • ensuring the action plan is cohesive in terms of national vs provincial areas of responsibility or activity 
  • ensuring the action plan reflects the voice of the profession 
  • delineating the future roles of the Joint Task Forces or future committees within the  organizations 
  • reviewing how our process of accrediting university programs can help achieve our objectives ● ensuring the action plan has measurable objectives and targets 
  • understanding the unique challenges that arise when addressing these elements for  component associations of varying sizes and levels of diversity.  
  • The CSLA, OALA, and the MALA have established Task Forces, which largely comprise practicing  landscape architects who do not have formal training in matters of JEDI. The Task Forces have  been established to support the preparation of the action plan, with the potential for them to  help carry through the work in the future. It is anticipated that the successful proponent will liaise with the Joint Task Forces to identify priorities and ensure accountability of the action  plan.  

Note: Proponents can refine the scope of this RFP if they feel it is warranted. Alternative  recommendations may be included but must be indicated separately from the proposal as set  out by CSLA-OALA-MALA. Your proposal should therefore be costed on what we have  requested via the RFP and any additional value added or alternatives must be identified  separately in your pricing. 

This RFP outlines a general approach to preparation of the JEDI action plan for the CSLA, OALA,  MALA and other provincial, territorial, and regional component partners, and LACF. A more  robust plan is anticipated to be developed in greater detail by a successful consultant, working  in collaboration with the Joint Task Forces, upon award of contract. The general idea is that our  provincial, territorial, and regional component associations, which are varying in size, staff and  resources, could select projects and initiatives from the provincial, territorial and regional  component template plan which would suit their capacity. Conversely, they may decide to  collaborate on these initiatives, either with each other, or with the national association (the  CSLA). 

Final Deliverable

The deliverable expected is an action plan on JEDI for the profession of landscape architecture,  which shall be co-written by the proponent and the CSLA, OALA, and the MALA’s Executive  Directors, under the guidance of the Joint Task Forces.  

The action plan should be coherent and list actions which are to be the purview of:

  • the national association, the CSLA 
  • the provincial associations, the OALA and the MALA 
  • the LACF, and  
  • provide a template of the provincial, territorial, and regional component plan for the other  partners (APALA, SALA, BCSLA, NuALA, NWTALA, AAPQ and AALA).  

The action plan shall include a list of key performance measures and indicators for each

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