Message from our President, Glenn O'Connor, and Executive Director, Michelle Legault

To the CSLA Members and Community,

As the global effect of COVID‑19 continues to evolve, the CSLA is committed to the health and safety of our employees, our members and to serving our community. In this time of physical distancing, we hope that you will take the opportunity to bond with your family and use technology to reach out to friends and colleagues. Remember to keep in contact with those who are most vulnerable to feeling isolated.

The CSLA will continue its commitment to delivering its programs and providing service to members. The CSLA has been structured primarily as a virtual organization since 2012. Regardless of this, COVID-19 has caused some disruption in our daily lives, and we appreciate your patience. For example, we have postponed the launch of the Canadian Landscape Standard second edition and the announcement of the CSLA Awards of Excellence until further notice. We will find an optimal time in the coming weeks to release information on these important CSLA programs.

The CSLA continues to closely monitor the situation, and wanted to take a moment to summarize some of the things we are doing to support our community during this time of uncertainty:

  • Extending job postings on our website free of charge
  • Exploring alternatives for the June 2020 CSLA-AALA Congress, more details will follow
  • Sharing resources from our partners and related organizations that may be of interest to members (below)

This is just the start and we will continue to look for ways to help our members through this challenging time.

Thank you and be well.

Glenn O’Connor, OALA, FCSLA, ASLA                                                      Michelle Legault
CSLA President                                                                                             CSLA Executive Director

COVID-19 Survey Summary

To ensure we are providing the support most important to our Members and Associates during these challenging and changing times the BCSLA, AALA, MALA and OALA circulated a short survey in April. A similar survey using the feedback that the participants provided will be circulated in June 2020. Thank you to everyone who participated.

National COVID-19 Survey Results

Congress 2020 Updates

The 2020 CSLA-AALA Congress has been cancelled.

Learn more

CSLA asks the Minister of Finance to consider landscape architects in the federal government's COVID-19 response package

Add your voice to the CSLA's by writing to the Minister of Finance and your local MP.

Read the letter

Tips for working while social distancing

  1. Be mindful: Stay in touch with your loved ones, but also with yourself. Take time to check in with how you are feeling. Practice strategies for reducing stress and anxiety, such as taking walks, practicing meditation, journaling, or limiting media consumption. 
  2. Seize opportunities for growth: Some of you may find that your pace of work has slowed down compared to usual. Now is a great opportunity to pick up projects that you wouldn't usually have time for, or to work on a skill you have been meaning to develop. Keeping your mind sharp will help with transitioning back into your routine. 
  3. Get creative: For those continuing to work from home, be creative in how you interact with each other and how you do your work. From video conferencing, to apps like Slack or YouTube, to taking photos with your phone and sharing them, find what works best for your team even if it is a little out of the box. 
  4. Diversify your work: You've heard the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket". This idea becomes especially relevant during times of disruption such as this. Try to find opportunities to diversify your work where possible to prevent the complete shutdown of your operations. 
  5. Reach out to your community: During this time of social distancing, we are finding community to be more essential than ever. Reach out to your colleagues, your family, and friends to help you manage your day-to-day stresses. Keep in close contact with people in your life to maintain that feeling of community professionally and personally. 


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