Linda Dicaire

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Linda Dicaire holds the degrees of Bachelor in Landscape Architecture from the University  of Guelph (1977), Baccalaureate in Science (Biology) from the University of Ottawa (1974),  and Master of Arts from the University of York UK (1992). Linda became a certified member  of the OALA and the CSLA in 1985. She served the International Council of Monuments and  Sites (ICOMOS) Cultural Landscapes Committee. As Chairman of ICOMOS Canada, Linda  introduced the newsletter MOMENTUM. She founded the ICOMOS Canada Cultural  Landscapes Committee and its newsletter, POLLEN. She was Vice-President of the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation and served the Association for Preservation Technology as fundraiser, editor and author of publications dedicated to landscape conservation. 

In 1993, for the AAPQ with ICOMOS and the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation,  Linda championed the first CSLA venture in a joint conference forum and led the scientific program of the international symposium in Montreal on the Conservation of Historic Parks and Squares. 

Between 1977 and 1993, as Conservation Landscape Architect for Parks Canada & PWGSC, she developed designs for national historic sites from the Yukon to PEI, earning  her first CSLA Citation award. Pivotal was her management of the Rideau Hall Landscape  Conservation Study. Between 1993 and 2012, Linda served the National Capital Commission  as expert in design review of architecture urban design LA and in heritage conservation;  also as Chief Federal Design Approvals, Heritage & Archaeology. 

Recipient of many awards, author and lecturer on the national and international stage, Linda  is now entering private practice and was recently invited to the Board of Heritage Ottawa  and the Design Review Committee of the Rockcliffe Park Residents Association. Everywhere, she promotes creativity and excellence in LA and heritage conservation.

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