Approved by the CSLA Board October 23rd, 2013.


This Policy outlines the travel requirements to be used to reimburse expenses incurred by the CSLA Board of Directors, Committee members and staff when attending CSLA meetings.

The Policy ensures that CSLA employees are reimbursed for out-of-pocket travel-related expenses.

When combining travel on CSLA business with a vacation, only expenses claimed for the business period are applicable for CSLA refund.

This policy is to be reviewed and updated once per year.


Airfare: airfare rates at one of the two lowest categories of airfare plus the cost of flight insurance, airport improvement taxes and other related expenses

Travel by car: as per Treasury Board Guidelines - $.57/km

Train: Via Rail “1” if less expensive than air travel

Rental vehicle, Shuttle Bus, Public Transportation, Parking or Taxi: actual costs


Hotel: Room rates as negotiated by the CSLA for a mid-range business-class hotel plus applicable taxes. Incidental hotel expenses are reimbursed as indicated below.

Meal Expenses

To a maximum of C75$ per day (meals which have been paid for as a group must indicate the names of all diners). This amount to be waived for the following travel destination: Yukon, North-west Territories, Nunavut and international destinations, in which case actual expenses are refunded.


The following are acceptable to a maximum of C$35 per day: telephone, fax and email, tips, dry cleaning or laundry, personal items.


To be reimbursed for expenses, an Expense Claim Form with original receipts must be submitted to the Executive Director no later than 90 days after the meeting date.