Recognizing Affiliates

The bylaws provide that subject to the approval by a Super Majority Vote of the Board (an affirmative vote by at least 2/3 of those Board members present and entitled to vote), recognition as an Affiliate may be granted to an association involved with and supporting the profession of landscape architecture.  This status would enable members of a pre-approved membership category(ies) of the association to also be regular members of the CSLA subject to the payment of the prescribed per capita membership fees by the association. The bylaws require that such recognition of an Affiliate shall identify the membership categories of the Affiliate that are eligible for CSLA membership.  See bylaws other requirements.


Requests for Affiliate recognition must be in writing, and delivered to the CSLA Executive Director.  The Executive Director may advise the requesting organization to ensure that the request is complete and properly submitted.

Requests for recognition must include the following information:

  • the name and contact information of the requesting organization;
  • a list of the current Board members;
  • the organization’s current bylaws, and corporate objects if incorporated;
  • a detailed description of how the applicant association is involved and supports the profession of Landscape Architecture
  • details regarding their existing membership categories including criteria, membership levels and fees for each category;
  • the process by which the representative to the CSLA Board would be elected or appointed  by the association, and
  • the membership category or categories for which CSLA regular membership is requested upon acceptance of the organization as an Affiliate of the CSLA.

Membership fees to be paid by the Affiliate shall be payable on the first day of April each year, or for new Affiliates, within 30 days of receipt of a membership invoice from CSLA.

Initial membership fees will be pro-rated based on the portion of the CSLA membership year remaining.

To encourage and support membership in Components, members of an Affiliate who also belong to a Component are not required to pay additional fees as a result of the Affiliate membership.  Affiliates shall provide a list of members who hold Component membership, and CSLA shall deduct the per capita fees from the Affiliate’s fee calculations.

The Affiliate shall submit, with the applicable membership fees, written notice of the individual to serve as the Affiliate representative to the CSLA Board.

De-recognizing affiliates

The CSLA Bylaws provide that the Board may cease to recognize any Affiliate for repeated failure to pay membership dues or for countenancing practices derogatory to the profession of landscape architecture upon the unanimous vote of the representatives to the Board of all Components.


The Board shall advise the Affiliate in writing that its Affiliate status is under review.  Such notice shall be provided at least 30 days prior to the Board meeting at which the review shall be undertaken.

The CSLA Board may meet by teleconference in accordance with the bylaws to conduct any votes with respect to de-recognizing Affiliates due to the requirement of a unanimous vote by all Component representatives on the CSLA Board.

Affiliates may also request de-recognition of Affiliate status by submitting such request, in writing, to the CSLA Executive Director.  Such request shall identify the effective date of such request. At least thirty days’ notice is required.  The Executive Director shall provide the request to the Board upon receipt, however no action by the Board is required. 

The Affiliate representative to the Board shall be deemed to have resigned effective on the date of the de-recognition of the Affiliate.

Membership fees paid by Affiliates on behalf of their membership are nonrefundable should the Affiliate lose or give up its Affiliate status.