Approved by the CSLA Board of Directors on June 8th, 2012.


The responsibility for developing and implementing an effective program of board orientation is shared between the Executive Director and the Executive Committee.


Orientation is intended to prepare new Board of Directors members for their role in the organization. Orientation is also extremely useful for all members to ensure they are operating from the same knowledge base. Proper orientation of new members ensures that the Board of Directors continues to be well-informed, with the knowledge needed to lead an effective organization, regardless of the natural rotation in its board members.

Policy and Procedure

Orientation should be undertaken as soon as new members are elected or appointed. Within one month of their appointment to the CSLA Board of Directors, new members shall receive:

  • a Board Manual,
  • a Corporate Policies Manual
  • a current Annual Report
  • a current Strategic Plan, and
  • minutes of the last two Board of Directors meetings.

The President of the CSLA should telephone or e-mail the new member and answer any questions they may have about the material sent by the Executive Director. Follow-up by the Executive Director if necessary. The new member should also arrange to have a full briefing from the departing association representative, if possible. Finally, the Executive Director should ensure that the new member feels equipped with the required information during the meetings, and should arrange, as necessary, for informal exchanges either before or after scheduled meetings.