Invoicing Policy and Procedure


(Approved by the CSLA Board of Directors on 29 May 2014.)


The responsibility for invoicing and collecting lies with the Executive Director, the Finance Committee and the CSLA bookkeeper.


The purpose of the CSLA Policy and Procedure on Invoicing is to establish standards for invoicing, account collections and to ensure consistency in the way all but particularly overdue invoices are managed.


This procedure will apply to all all CSLA issued invoices.

Policy on Invoicing

Customers shall be invoiced when the service/product is provided by the CSLA.

Customers are responsible for paying the full amount specified on the invoice.

All invoices are due upon receipt.

Members who have not paid their invoice by the Society’s next Annual General Meeting will not be eligible to vote.

Failure to receive an invoice does not release a customer from their responsibility to pay. CSLA’s records of the date of mailing an invoice shall be conclusive evidence of the date of rendering.

Policy on Members’ Standing

Regular Members in good standing are landscape architects who are members of Components or members in Affiliate membership categories approved for Society membership.

Members in good standing are defined as:

  • in good standing according to their component association’s criteria
  • do not have any 90 days or older outstanding CSLA invoices

Members in good standing may

  • Use the CSLA designation
  • Vote in CSLA elections
  • Be nominated for all CSLA awards and fellowships
  • Be elected to the CSLA Board


  1. For invoices up to 30 days overdue: Executive Director to instruct bookkeeper to re-send invoices
  2. For invoices up to 60 days overdue: Executive Director to call and inquire about late payment. If the customer relates a cash flow problem, consider offering some payment plan, whereby at least a portion of the bill is paid immediately. Try to get the customer to make some commitment or to pay by post-dated cheque.
  3. For invoices up to 90 days overdue: the Finance Committee should evaluate the outstanding accounts on a case by case basis and establish a plan for its collection. Members who default their payments will no longer be “in good standing.”
  4. Acknowledge payment. Call or e-mail the customer when the invoice is paid and funds have been received.
  5. For members who are no longer in “good standing”: further purchases will not be accepted until the original invoice is paid (i.e. awards submissions, congress registration, job listings, etc.). In addition, the member will be ineligible to vote in CSLA elections and at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. Members may appeal their standing in a written letter of explanation to the Executive Director, accompanied by their payment or details of payment plan, and have their good standing re-instated.