Annual General Meeting Minutes

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Board of Directors Minutes

CLICK HERE to obtain a copy of the CSLA's Record of Motions (Board of Directors): 1974-2016. For a full list of minutes, CLICK HERE.

Annual Report

The CSLA's 2015 Annual Report is available now. CLICK HERE to view the CSLA's Annual Reports.


Current CSLA By-laws approved by the membership on May 23rd, 2015

The CSLA's Certificate of Continuance and by-law review: At the 2012 AGM in Halifax, the membership approved a motion to obtain a certificate of continuance for the CSLA. That certificate has now been obtained and filed with Corporations Canada. At the 2013 and 2014 Annual General Meetings, the members approved a series of modifications which brought the CSLA's by-laws into compliance. CLICK HERE to download the CSLA Certificate of Continuance

CSLA and Component Associations Terms of Reference

The CSLA was founded in 1934 and for several decades was the sole association promoting the profession of landscape architecture in Canada until provincial components were created starting in the 1960’s. The CSLA and component associations have since collaborated on an ongoing basis however, until now, no formal agreement supports this relationship. The CSLA strives to unite professionals around the country while strengthening the value an individual member receives. We believe that member service and the community of peers can be enhanced by concluding agreements with the components. Components serve as connectors between the CSLA and its members. A clear, solid working relationship between the CSLA and components is therefore vital. In addition, components are platforms for sharing knowledge and foster partnership among all stakeholders by optimizing individual strengths to serve the members effectively and advance the profession. CLICK HERE to read the CSLA and Component Association Terms of Reference

Representatives of the CSLA component associations at the 2015 Annual General Meeting signing the Terms of Reference
From L to R: Jennifer Jones, AALA, Gordon Kraushaar, APALA, Isabelle Giasson, AAPQ, Bob Somers, MALA, Margaret Ferguson, NWTALA, Claude Potvin, CSLA Past President and developer of the Terms of Reference, Judith Blake Reeve, BCSLA, Laureen Snook, SALA, and Sarah Culp, OALA. (Photo: J. Landry)

Strategic Plan

The 2015-2017 CSLA Strategic Plan was unanimously approved at the May 23rd, 2015, Annual General Meeting. The themes identified in the new plan are a) advocacy, b) leading a healthy society, and c) service to members. CLICK HERE to download the 2015-2017 CSLA Strategic Plan

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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Board Manual

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