Approved by the CSLA Board of Directors in October 2005 (Revised version approved May 29th, 2014.)


To document the process by which the CSLA annual election is to be conducted.


In accordance with the CSLA Bylaws, the Nominating Committee shall submit a list of candidates for the Board’s approval no less than four (4) months before the Annual General Meeting. The chairman of the nominating committee shall verify before submission that these persons are willing to stand for election.

Eligibility Requirements for President Elect of the CSLA
It is desirable that candidates would normally meet or exceed the following requirements:

  1. is a Canadian citizen;
  2. has served the profession in a senior role as a member of one of more of the committees or organizations that oversee the profession in Canada (i.e. the Board of Directors of the CSLA, the College of Fellows, the Accreditation Council, the LACF, the Landscapes|Paysages Editorial Committee, the Awards of Excellence jury or in one of the component associations) or through involvement with the International Federation of Landscape Architects.
  3. has demonstrated leadership experience in organizational management, multi-disciplinary team management, budgeting and financial management, and oral and written communications;
  4. has demonstrated a commitment to, and a vision for, the profession of landscape architecture in Canada.

Members will be informed of the candidates and each CSLA Full member in good standing will be eligible to vote. (Refer to the CSLA’s Policy on Invoicing for the definition of a member in good standing.)


At the board meeting preceding the launch of the nominating process, the CSLA Board should assess any strategic characteristics for the desired candidates that relate to current or expected strategic plan items.

The Nominating Committee of the CSLA shall be comprised of the following persons:

  • the immediate Past President who shall act as committee chair
  • the President, and
  • additional Voting Members appointed by the Board who are ineligible for nomination

Candidates for President of the CSLA may be nominated by the Nominating Committee, or by a nomination presented in writing to the Nominating Committee, by any five (5) full members in good standing of the CSLA. A nominee for President must meet the CSLA eligibility requirements stated above. The Nominating Committee will confirm the eligibility of all nominees, and will identify a list of candidates for election to be presented to the Board of Directors for confirmation, prior to the announcement of the election.

No fewer than 120 days prior to the Society's Annual General Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall submit, to the Board, a list of Voting Members who are willing to stand for election as a Director and to the position of President-Elect.

No fewer than 90 days prior to the Society's Annual General Meeting, the Executive Director shall distribute by e-mail or mail the list of nominees to all Voting Members. 

Additional nominations, signed by at least five Voting Members, may be submitted to the Executive Director up to 60 days prior to the Society's Annual General Meeting. The submission shall be accompanied by a written acceptance from the nominee.

No fewer than 40 days prior to the Society's Annual General Meeting, the Executive Director shall mail or e-mail an official ballot to all Voting Members;