Approved by the CSLA Board of Directors on 15 March 1983. Revised 23 October 2013.

Selecting the right destination for the CSLA Congress is critical. The rationale behind choosing the next conference destination should be a business case. It will protect the association and mitigate risk. It may also help the CSLA reduce costs and ultimately manage all stakeholder expectations. The destination must be appealing, accessible and affordable; this will ultimately drive the delegate numbers.


The CSLA holds an annual Congress to hold Board Meetings, an Annual General meeting, an awards banquet and the investiture of new members of the College of Fellows. It also provides an opportunity for professional development and networking for members.

For many years, the CSLA partnered with a component association, who would, on the CSLA’s behalf, organize the Congress. Since 2013, however, the CSLA has taken on the planning of the Congress, often maintaining the host relationship with a component and relying on the component association for a segment of the planning.

A list of previous CSLA Congresses can be found at the end of this policy/guideline, in Schedule A.


  • The locations for the Congress must be approved by the Board of Directors on an alternating east-west basis with the Manitoba-Ontario border being the dividing line. Any variation in this procedure or proposals for international destinations must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. Profitability, desirability of travel destination and logistical issues must also be considered when selecting Congress locations.
  • The Congress shall be held not more frequently than every ten months and not less frequently than every eighteen months on such date as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • The the administration and the accounting for the Congress is assumed by the CSLA.
  • A partnership agreement with components will be outlined for each event, detailing roles and responsibilities and including a profit sharing agreement
  • Profit and loss, and distribution of such between the component organization and the CSLA are to be negotiated for every event.
  • All Congress advertising, registration, program and related information shall be issued in both official languages.
  • A planning committee, which includes the CSLA’s Executive Director, must be established for every Congress. This Committee shall report to the Board of the CSLA.

Guidelines for Roles and Responsibilities of the CSLA and Component Organization

The following are guidelines for sharing areas of responsibility for the Congress:

_Financial management
_General logistics
_Coordination with venue
_Call for sponsors
_Call for presenters
_Graphic design and layout
_Coordination of registration

_On-site trade show coordination
_Setting theme, program and selecting presenters
_Volunteer coordination
_Tour/transportation coordination

_Appointing a Congress Chair and Planning Committee
_Selecting venue
_Establishing Congress budget
_Setting the schedule

Guidelines for the Evaluation of a Congress Destination/Date

In selecting the Congress location and dates, the following elements should be evaluated:


  • Member and non-member availability within the proposed destination/location
  • Provision of methods for remote participation by members via technological communications

Conference Content:

  • Availability of local speakers
  • Availability of local tours

Conference Revenue:

  • Suitability for trade show for exhibitors and sponsors


  • Support for proposed venue/destination
  • Venues for conference sessions/events and off-site functions
  • Telecommunications and Infrastructure
  • Availability of accommodation

Destination Appeal and Resources for Participants:

  • Potential language barriers
  • Transportation accessibility
  • Economic stability of destination
  • Safety and security
  • Medical facilities
  • Climate
  • Tourism opportunities

Conference Timing:

  • Competing or related conferences

Guideline about International Destinations and Remote Congresses

The CSLA may host a Congress in an international destination no more than every 5 years.
International destinations must:

  • Provide the CSLA members who are not able to participate with a remote way to experience content live.
  • Provide a distinct benefit to the chosen location for outreach, collaboration, etc.
  • Provide members with an opportunity to expand their knowledge
  • Consider customs regulations and visa requirements, safety and security