Approved by the CSLA Board of Directors on March 15th, 1983. Revised in 2007.

Arrangements for the Annual Meeting shall be the responsibility of CSLA Executive Director. No other Congress events shall be scheduled to conflict with the Annual Meeting. The meeting room shall be capable of seating a minimum of one hundred (100) members and shall be equipped with a public address system.

The agenda for the Annual Meeting shall follow the guide below:

  1. Call the Meeting to Order (the President).
  2. Read the Notice for the Annual Meeting-Congress (the Executive Director).
  3. Identify the need or lack of need for a quorum to the membership (the President).
  4. Introduction of the Presiding Table (the President).
  5. The Tabling and Reading of the Minutes of the Last Annual Meeting (the Executive Director).
  6. The Tabling of the President's Report on the Society (the President).
  7. The Tabling of the Report on the Accounts of the Society (the Chair, Finance Committee).
  8. The Report on the Election of Officers (the Executive Secretary-Treasurer).
  9. Ratification for the Unanimous Adoption of the Report on the Election of Officers (the President).
  10. The Introduction of the new President-Elect and invitation to join the presiding table (the President).
  11. Presentation on the next Annual Congress (Component Association President or Congress Chairman).
  12. Question and Answer Period for Membership (the President).
  13. The Introduction of the incoming President (the President).
  14. The formal thanks of the Society to the outgoing President (the new President).
  15. The Report of the New President.
  16. Adjournment (the new President).