The CSLA Speakers Bureau provide associations with a pool of professional landscape architects who are interested in speaking on a wide range of topics related to the profession of landscape architecture.  The CSLA does not provide a referral service. 

Users must search the online data base of potential speakers for their event and are required to contact potential speakers directly to discuss and agree upon the details of the speaking engagement.

Speakers are full members of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and one of its component organizations.

Download a booklet of the CSLA's registered speakers


Click here to access the CSLA Speakers' Bureau Database and to view registered speakers.

The CSLA Speakers Bureau is a program initiative of the CSLA Advocacy Task Force.

How to Register with the CSLA Speakers' Bureau

Your voice is important!

As a landscape architect, you are ideally positioned to promote landscape architecture to allied professionals, students, and the community at large.
The CSLA Speakers’ Bureau has formally launched to help get your message out.  Benefits to registering as a speaker include:

  • Promoting the profession and your projects nation-wide;
  • Networking and fostering connections among peers, industry experts and potential clients;
  • Enhancing your profile within the landscape architecture community and beyond;
  • Actively contributing to the green community;
  • Building your professional credentials; and
  • Improving your public speaking.

As a member of the CSLA Speakers’ Bureau, you are the master of your own experience.  You choose when, where, and about which topics you will speak. You may enroll or resign at any time. 

To register with the CSLA's Speakers' Bureau, you must:

1. review the general operating principles

2. review the speaker guidelines, and

3. complete the Speakers' Bureau Application Form (Word document) and submit it to Michelle Legault, CSLA Executive Director, at executive-director@csla-aapc.ca

Objectives of the Speakers' Bureau


  • to increase awareness of the profession and the skills of landscape architecture
  • to demonstrate the value-added services of landscape architects

Continuing Education
to provide education about landscape architecture to

  • CSLA and component’s conferences and seminars
  • conferences and seminars of allied professional organizations
  • political organizations
  • developer or related organizations
  • universities and colleges
  • high schools
  • recognized community or service organizations


  • to respond to inquiries by the media
  • to inform and influence decision makers