wet places, vol 18, no 1

Come spring, landscape architects are ankle deep in the swamps and fens and tidal flats, probing the daunting complexity of Canada’s marshlands. LP invites you to explore the wetlands, where the web of life is woven with particular richness.

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LANDSCAPES|PAYSAGES magazine wins EXCEL awards for general excellence and design (OTTAWA) – 22 June 2015 - The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects congratulates Naylor Association Solutions and the Landscapes|Paysages Editorial Board upon receiving two EXCEL awards for LANDSCAPES|PAYSAGES magazine. Learn more...


"Here is an opportunity to underline the great quality and professionalism of the Landscapes|Paysages magazine. It is always pleasant to read the articles and the brand new layout of the magazine provides a very dynamic presentation. Similarly, the French translation is very professional. Congratulations to your entire team."  -  Chantal Prud'Homme, AAPQ, CSLA

"I wanted to express my congratulations to all of you for producing a beautiful magazine.  The improvements in quality and style are certainly evident and greatly appreciated.  Congratulations are also in order for being the recipients of the gold and silver awards for excellence by the EXCEL Awards.  Well deserved." - Lawrence Stasiuk, OALA, CSLA