1.    Who is eligible to use this service?

  • Eligible associations who may use this service are:
  • CSLA and component’s conferences and seminars
  • conferences and seminars of allied professional organizations (architects, engineers, urban & regional planners)
  • political organizations (municipal, provincial, federal)
  • developer or related organizations
  • universities and colleges
  • high schools, and
  • recognized community or service organizations.

2.    What are the Costs?

There is no cost to use the CSLA Speakers' Bureau and to contact a potential speaker to inquire about their availability and speaking summary.  All speakers are entitled to recover out-of-pocket expenses associated with printing, travel, accommodations and meals directly related to the speaking engagement.

For not-for-profit organizations: Speakers generally do not charge for their time to prepare or deliver their address to an association or organization listed above under “Eligible Associations”.  Speakers may accept an honourarium or gift if offered.

For profit organizations:  If a speaking engagement is for a company in the business of putting on educational conferences or like events, or a large registration fee is charged to attendees, then speakers may charge for their time and expertise with the preparation and presentation of their subject.

Organizations are requested to discuss this with the potential speaker prior to engagement to be certain of the financial expectations and to complete a speaking engagement contract to confirm the details of any financial commitments.

3.    Is the CSLA responsible for the speaker?

The CSLA Speakers' Bureau is a connection service that brings together interested organizations and willing speakers and is offered for the convenience of its participants.  The actual contractual arrangements are between the hiring organization and the individual speaker and not with the CSLA.  The CSLA encourages all participants to comply with the guidelines of the program.