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Call for Contributions

The editorial board of LANDSCAPES | PAYSAGES welcomes submissions.

Preference is given to work undertaken in Canada. Project summaries on built works in Canada are especially encouraged. Suggestions for book reviews are also welcome, as are Opinion pieces.

Articles for LANDSCAPES | PAYSAGES are not intended to be “reports” or academic “papers”. We are looking, above all, for tightly focused stories which expand our knowledge. Articles should be written in an inviting style, with colourful quotations and examples. Ideally, readers should feel the excitement generated by the project, the research, the point of view. It is not necessary to cover all aspects of a project, a piece of research, a trend, etc. Project articles should focus on one or two key aspects that set the project apart.

Please send a 250-word statement summarizing your proposed article and one or two sentences summarizing your background to the attention of Judy Lord, Editor of LANDSCAPES | PAYSAGES at

Editorial Board

Jean Trottier, MALA, CSLA, Chair

Judy Lord, Editor in Chief

Douglas Carlyle, AALA, FCSLA
Ron Middleton, AALA, FCSLA
Wendy Graham, AAPQ, FCSLA
Robert LeBlanc, APALA, FCSLA
Cynthia Girling, BCSLA, FCSLA
Kevin Connery, BCSLA, CSLA
Don Hester, MALA, FCSLA
Ryan Wakshinski, MALA, CSLA
Richard Wyma, NuALA, CSLA
Peter Spearey, NWTALA, CSLA
Linda Irvine, OALA, FCSLA
Ryan James, OALA, CSLA
Natalie Walliser, SALA, CSLA
Marilou Champagne, intern

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