Photo Album

Keynote speaker Andrew Weaver. (Photo: J. Landry)

Jill Robertson and Raquel Penalosa, hosts of the CSLA World Café. (Photo: J. Landry)

Delegates choosing their sessions. (Photo: J. Landry)

Cornelia Oberlander speaking at the National Gallery of Canada. (Photo: J. Landry)

The trade show. (Photo: J. Landry)

The trade show. (Photo: J. Landry)

Keynote speaker David Philips. (Photo: J. Landry)

Participants of the "speed-dating" session. (Photo: J. Landry)

A few of the student delegates attending the Congress. (Photo: J. Landry)

Hosts of the awards gala, Carol Craig and Peter Briggs. (Photo: J. Landry)

The Awards Gala. (Photo: J. Landry)

Susan Buggey receiving honourary CSLA membership. (Photo: J. Landry)

Alan Tate, Chair of the Awards of Excellence Committee, at the CSLA Awards Gala. (Photo: J. Landry)

Awards of Excellence winners at the gala. (Photo: J. Landry)

Cam Patterson and Gerry Lajeunesse, who won the raffled paintings. (Photo: J. Landry)

Peter Briggs presented with a certificate of recognition by Carol Craig. (Photo: J. Landry)

The planning committee (with several members absent). (Photo: J. Landry)

Cecelia Paine and Don Hester thank Peter Briggs for initiating the "reverse auction" for the LACF. (Photo: J. Landry)


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