The 2017 IFLA, CSLA and AAPQ Congress of the World Design Summit will be held in Montréal, Québec, October 16-19, 2017.

The themes of the Congress are:

  • design for participation
  • design for earth
  • design for beauty
  • design for sale?
  • design for transformation
  • design for extremes.

NEW! Second call for Papers

In this second Call for Papers, the six themes of the summit are sub-divided into 108 topics. The papers that will be selected must explore innovative and challenging issues.

The deadline for proposals is June 4th, 2017. Learn more...

Register for the Event

Note that you may purchase tickets for tours and gala dinners at a later date. In addition, hotel information will be circulated at a later date. CLICK HERE to register for the 2017 World Design Summit and Congress.

Provisional Program

Download the provisional program for the landscape architecture events during the 2017 World Design Summit and Congress.

IFLA Student Design Competition

The deadline for the Student Design Competition is September 12th, 2017.

CLICK HERE to download the Student Design Competition Brief (in English)

CLICK HERE to download the Student Design Competition Brief (in Arabic)

CLICK HERE to download the Student Design Competition Brief (in Chinese)

Call for exhibitors

In 2017, the world's design professionals will be at the World Design Summit in Montreal from October 17th to 20th. We hope that you will join us by exhibiting at the trade show to be held at the Montreal Convention Centre.

View the  Exhibitor Prospectus

Download the Contract and send it to executive-director@csla-aapc.ca or dg@aapq.org

Members of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA), the Association des architectes paysagistes du Québec (AAPQ) and the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) will be joining architects, industrial designers, urban planners, graphic designers and interior designers for a truly multi-disciplinary Congress. We are organizing this event in partnership with the World Design Summit Organization (WDSO).

We are offering this exhibit space first to the companies who have exhibited with or sponsored the CSLA or AAPQ in the past. Highlights of the event include:
- delegates from 80 countries
- representatives of 50 international organizations, and
- 4,500 to 7,000 expected congress delegates

About the World Design Summit and Congress

Historic agreement on cooperation signed by seven influential international design associations on the road to the 2017 World Design Summit Montreal

October 27th, 2015 - Gwangju, Republic of Korea  - Seven international organizations agreed to work together to make the world a better place by addressing global social and environmental problems through design. During the International Design Congress Summit hosted by the city of Gwangju and the Korea Craft Design Foundation the design agency of the Ministry Sports and Tourism Korea, all organizations agreed to and declare the following:

We the participating the organization in the 2015 IDC in Gwangju Korea, recognize the critical role played by design in creating a world that is environmentally sustainable, economically viable, social equitable, and culturally diverse. The 2017 World Design Summit Montreal will be a historical opportunity to connect, generate a common voice, engage decision makers and lead by developing and action plan.  We call on the international community in an active collaboration to ensure the success of this process.

This historic declaration was announced at the conclusion of the International Design Congress Summit. “ I want to extend my gratitude to Honorable Sheila Copps and Professor Swoo Kyung Suh the Co-Chairs of the Gwangju summit for their inspiring stewardship. In addition, I salute our international design partners Ico-D, Icsid, IFI, IFHP, IFLA, Cumulus, IxDA, and the World Design Summit Organization for their collaborative wisdom that is symbolized with this declaration. In addition, I ask colleagues, designers as well as practitioners, educators and students from all fields to participate in this 'design movement' and co-create vital momentum leading to the WDSO Montreal 2017”, stated Don Ryun Chang, Organizing Chair of the 2015 International Design Congress.

From October 16 to 24, 2017, Montreal, a UNESCO 'City of Design' will showcase all the disciplines of design by hosting the 2017 World Design Summit.  A truly international event, the Summit will host 18 simultaneous congresses with over 100  topics and some 4,500 delegates in attendance from 80 countries and also includes an exposition with over 350 exhibitors. Delegates will represent six professional disciplines associated with the built environment: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Urban Planning.

According to the Honourable Sheila Copps, Chair of the Board of Directors of the World Design Summit Organization, "hosting such an event will showcase design know-how throughout the world. I would particularly like to salute the founding partners of the summit, ico-D, IFLA and IFHP, whose commitment will allow this important event to take place".

Follow the 2017 World Design Summit Montreal on social media at #MTLDesign2017.

2017 CSLA-AAPQ Planning Committee

Pierre Bouchard (Chair)
Michelle Legault, CSLA Executive Director
Bernard Bigras, AAPQ Executive Director

Committee Chairs

Program (scientific) Committee: Paula Meijerink, Ron Williams & Raquel Penalosa
Communications Committee: Wendy Graham
Special Events Committee: Jean Landry
Marketing Commitee: Michelle Legault