Climate Change

CSLA CC Position Paper (1)_Page_1.jpgThe CSLA believes that to ensure a prosperous future within a changing climate we must create a society which has: an enhanced capacity for resilience, a willingness to transform to a better state, and a commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability of environments, cultures and well-being.

Read the CSLA's Position Paper: Resilient, Transformative and Sustainable: A Positive Approach to a Changing Future

Download the CSLA's Presentation on Climate Change and learn how how landscape architects can contribute to the climate change discussion.

Landscape Architecture and Climate Change Adaptation

by Colleen Mercer Clarke, Chair of the CSLA Climate Change Adaptation Task Force

“The CSLA is committed to providing assistance to its members, and to other professions, levels of government and Canadian business and communities, to enhance their understanding of the contributing factors that have created planetary climate change, to promote opportunities to mitigate ongoing contributions that will accelerate deterioration in global climates, and to advance instruments and tools that will assist in preparatory and adaptive planning for environmental change.”

Landscape architects work to accommodate both the needs of human society and the natural environment, respecting the cultural landscapes of the past, and planning sustainably for the future.  As the challenges associated with a changing environment mount, Canadians will struggle to find economic and political balance between short-term solutions and long term planning for sustainability.  Landscape architects can play integral roles in the processes of planning, design and management that mitigate continued contributions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, that promote ingenuity and build resilience in individuals and organizations, and that ensure the sustainability of our natural environment.