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This page provides information and resources for students who are interested in becoming landscape architects or who are currently enrolled in a landscape architecture program.

Globe and Mail Article "I want to be a landscape architect"

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List of Accredited Landscape Architecture University Programs

CLICK HERE to view a list of accredited programs.


CSLA Student Award of Merit - CLICK HERE to learn more

Saskatchewan Association of Landscape Architecture Academic Award - Read the Guidelines and Application form

Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship - CLICK HERE to learn more

Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation - Two grants of $2,000 each are offered to graduate students pursuing their thesis or final project for work whose study focus is in keeping with the mandate of the Foundation. CLICK HERE for futher information.

Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects Fellowship in Landscape Architecture - CLICK HERE to learn more

I want to be a landscape architect

CLICK HERE to check out a video on the landscape architecture profession

CLICK HERE to link to the "Be a Landscape Architect" web site

Women in the Dirt

Screen a video about female landscape artists by clicking here.

World Landscape Architecture Month

Students are invited to participate in the WLAM Poster Competition. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Search for college scholarships, colleges and online degrees

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