Canadian Landscape Charter


The CLP is a web based digital photographic gallery intended to illustrate Canada’s diversity of landscapes by provinces and territories. Compiled from CSLA members’ submissions from around the country, the CLP aspires to showcase the various “landscapes” mentioned in the Canadian Landscape Charter, including the ones too often forgotten because of their apparent unimportance. The CLP is not about finding the most picturesque, rare or exhilarating place but more about capturing those significant moments when a close relationship is achieved between the author and a specific landscape.

Submit images of designed landscapes to the Canadian Landscape Portfolio

he first edition of the Canadian Landscape Portfolio was unveiled during the CSLA-MALA Congress in Winnipeg in June. Click here to view the collection...

We are now inviting all Canadian landscape architects to submit their photos for the second edition, which aims to identify landscapes that have been modified due to human intervention, from the simplest to the more complex and abstract.

Submit images of the designed landscapes which are personally important to you and be presented in the second edition of the Canadian Landscape Portfolio. The deadline is 15 January 2017.

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(Photo: Jean Landry - Neys Provincial Park)

Help us describe Canada's landscapes as seen by Canadian landscape architects!

About the Canadian Landscape Charter

The Canadian Landscape Charter seeks to uphold the following core principles:

  • Recognize landscapes as vital
  • Consider all people
  • Inspire stewardship
  • Expand knowledge
  • Show leadership

CLICK HERE to read the Canadian Landscape Charter

At a reception held in Mexico on the 22nd of May, the CSLA's component associations ratified the Canadian Landscape Charter. In addition, delegates present at the Congress added their names as signatories to their Charter to show support for the declaration. CLICK HERE to view the list of signatories