President's Award

The CSLA President's Award is the honour the President of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects may bestow upon a CSLA member for outstanding contribution to the profession.  


Virginia Burt (2017)

171019 AAPC-AAPQ Gala-1003.jpg

2016 - Colleen Mercer Clarke

Robert Norman and Colleen Mercer Clarke (Photo: J. Landry)

2015 - Alexander Topps

Robert Norman, Alex Topps and Carol Craig (Photo: J. Landry)

2014 - Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith receiving the President's Award from Peter Briggs (Photo: J. Landry)

2013 - Linda A. Irvine

Linda Irvine receiving the President's Award from Claude Potvin (Photo: J. Landry)

2012 - Arnis Budrevics

Claude Potvin, Arnis Budrevics and Liane McKenna (Photo: J. Landry)

2011 - Sara Jane Greutzner, Peter Klynstra
2010 - Jerry W. Belan, Margery Winkler
2009 - Gérald Lajeunesse, Ronald Middleton
2008 - Cathy Sears, Liane McKenna, Wendy Graham, Judy Lord