Lifetime Achievement Award


The CSLA Lifetime Achievement Award may be awarded annually to a member of the CSLA whose lifetime achievements and contributions to the profession have had a unique and lasting impact on the welfare of the public and on the environment.

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2016 - Robert N. Allsopp

Robert Norman and Robert N. Allsopp (Photo: Jean Landry)

About Robert N. Allsopp:

2013 - Edwin John Walker

From L to R: E.J. (Jack) Walker and Claude Potvin. Photo: J. Landry

2011 - John C. Laird

2010 - Fredreich Oemichen

2010 - Patrick Butler

2009 - Macklin Hancock

2009 - Michael Hough

2008 - Donald W. Graham

2007 - Garry Hilderman

2007 - Ron Williams

2006 - Cornelia Hahn Oberlander