Community Service Awards


The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Community Service Awards recognize public agencies and community groups who have contributed significantly to environmental responsibility. These awards provide an opportunity to develop awareness of others who share the CSLA’s goals and to promote the profession's commitment to environmental sustainability.

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2012 - Ecology Action Centre

Claude Potvin and Louise Hanavan of the Ecology Action Centre at the CSLA Congress in Halifax in 2012. (Photo: J. Landry)

2012 - Elinor Gill Ratcliffe

Eleanor Gill Ratcliffe.

2011 - Iqaluit Greenhouse Society

2011 - Bill Mackenzie Humanitarian Society

2010 - Sol Rothinger, River Alliance

2007 - 1000 Islands - Frontenac Arch Bishop Reserve

2006 - Denis Savoie

2003 - Rotary Clubs of Calgary

2000 - Partnership for Saskatchewan River Basin and Saskatchewan Wetland Conservation Corporation

2000 - Friends of the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa

1995 - Maurice F. Storing, Ontario Hydro

1995 - The Hon. W.Yvon Dumont, Lt Gov of Manitoba

1994 - General Motors of Canada Ltd.