Community Service Award

The Community Service Award recognizes public agencies and community groups who have contributed significantly to environmental responsibility.

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Les Amis de la Montagne (2017)

Logo TaglineHorizontal_Couleur_FR.pngMontreal and the Mont-Royal are indivisible. With its three peaks, this iconic location is affectionally referred to as "the mountain" and spreads over ten square kilometers. It boasts beautiful residential neighborhoods, several founding institutions of Montreal - hospitals, universities, religious communities, vast cemeteries, numerous neighborhood parks, and the magnificent Mount Royal Park covering a spacious and attractive green area of nearly 200 hectares overlooking downtown Montreal. Since 1986, Les amis de la montagne have played an active role in protecting and enhancing Mount Royal. Declared a heritage site by the Government of Quebec, much of the mountain enjoys several safeguards that guide the development of its land and buildings. As the city that surrounds it is thriving, the mountain is constantly feeling the pressure of densification and urban development. With the support of a community of people who are aware of the inestimable worth of Mount Royal, Les amis de la montagne contribute to further strengthen the culture of respect and long-term protection of this place.

2016 - SOVERDI

SOVERDI, the Société de verdissement du Montréal Métropolitain, is an NPO established in 1992 with  the mission of ‘greening-up’ the Montreal landscape by planting the right tree in the right place. Its action aims to significantly increase the urban forest and to "democratize green" to improve the health and quality of life of Montrealers. A leader in urban greening, Soverdi favours a participatory approach to its interventions. The communities and local stakeholders are all invited to join together as agents of change and take part in Montreal’s great green alleyways project. Commissioned by the city of Montreal, SOVERDI coordinates the planting of trees on private and institutional properties referred to in the Canopy Action Plan (PAC). It brought together 40 partners under the Alliance forêt urbaine, the largest consultation table in Montreal for the planting of trees, in order to meet the ambitious challenge of planting 180,000 trees over the next ten years for the benefit of all Montrealers. In 2015, 10,000 trees were thus planted under the Urban Forest Action Plan, through more than 100 different projects. A significant undertaking, which was successfully accomplished thanks to the collaboration of our partners in the Alliance, the ‘A tree for my neighborhood’ campaign, various greening packages offered in industrial and commercial districts as well as other projects carried out on school boards’ and health care properties. Robert Norman and Pierre Bélec (Photo: J. Landry)

Ecology Action Centre (2012)






Claude Potvin and Louise Hanavan of the Ecology Action Centre (Photo: J. Landry)

2012 - Elinor Gill Ratcliffe





Eleanor Gill Ratcliffe.

2011 - Iqaluit Greenhouse Society
2011 - Bill Mackenzie Humanitarian Society
2010 - Sol Rothinger, River Alliance
2007 - 1000 Islands - Frontenac Arch Bishop Reserve
2006 - Denis Savoie
2003 - Rotary Clubs of Calgary
2000 - Partnership for Saskatchewan River Basin and Saskatchewan Wetland Conservation Corporation
2000 - Friends of the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa
1995 - Maurice F. Storing, Ontario Hydro
1995 - The Hon. W.Yvon Dumont, Lt Gov of Manitoba
1994 - General Motors of Canada Ltd.


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