Induction to the College of Fellows is the highest honour the Society bestows on its members.  Candidates for Fellowship may be nominated by individuals through their CSLA component association. 

Members eligible for nomination for Fellowship are landscape architects with at least twelve continuous years as full members of CSLA.  They also should be recognized as having made outstanding contributions to the profession through excellence in:

  • Executed works,
  • Administrative professional work in public agencies,
  • Professional university instruction,
  • Professional writing,
  • Through service to the community or the public, and
  • Direct service to the CSLA.

A jury of five Fellows, representing regions across Canada, will select the new Fellows based on extensive submissions documenting each candidate’s contributions to the profession. 

Since the inception of the CSLA's College of Fellows in 1964, only 207 members have been given the prestigious designation “FCSLA”, making it a true distinction and honour conferred by the Society.

Nomination Process

The Call for Nominations to the College of Fellows is launched in January of every year, when the nomination form is posted on the website.

Executive Committee of the College of Fellows

Wendy Graham, AAPQ, FCSLA

Vice Chair
Alan Duncan, BCSLA, FCSLA

Wendy Shearer, OALA, FCSLA

Further Information

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The CSLA College of Fellows - A Brief History

The first Fellows were elected in 1964, followed by almost annual additions averaging three Fellows per year. By 1979, over 30 members had been honored by election to Fellowship and it was time to formalize the structure and process. At the CSLA Congress ‘79 in Charlottetown, the ‘College of Fellows’ was established. Specific ‘Rules for the Conduct of Operations’ were adopted, outlining the structure and operation of the College and the guidelines for advancement of members to Fellowship.

The College’s Executive Committee is responsible for the conduct of affairs, consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, and the President of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF), as well as the CSLA President as ex-officio member. The Annual Meeting of the College is held each year in conjunction with the CSLA Congress.

Particular attention has been given to the manner in which new Fellows are admitted to the College and the role of the College in the larger activities of the profession and the Society. In accordance with the Rules for the Conduct of Operations, nominations to Fellowship may be presented to the College by the component organizations and/or the Board of Governors of CSLA. The final selection is made by a ‘Jury of Fellows’, consisting of representatives from Canada’s five regions (B.C., Prairie, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic), who are serving on the Jury for overlapping three-year terms. The Fellows-Elect are then ceremoniously inducted into the College during the banquet or other special event of the next CSLA Congress.

Other activities of the College and its members involve assisting in the operation of the Accreditation Council, which administers the accreditation of Canadian schools/departments of landscape architecture since 1987, as well as the LACF. Since the ‘Campaign of Fellows’ commenced in 1988, over $400,000 have been donated by Fellows to the Foundation. These funds are used to promote the ideals of the profession of landscape architecture through research and scholarship grants.