The CSLA's Advocacy initiatives are led by the Advocacy Task Force. Its purpose: to raise the profile of landscape architects and the role we play in creating healthy, safe, enjoyable, and sustainable environments.

The Advocacy Task Force Action Plan for 2016-2017

The initiative and actions identified in this plan support the second strategy in the approved CSLA 2015-2017 Strategic Plan: Raise the Profile of Landscape Architecture in Canada and Abroad. Several of the strategies are identified in the Strategic Plan. However, the Advocacy Task Force proposes a number of strategies which are not in the Strategic Plan, but still support the main strategy of raising the profile of landscape architecture in Canada and abroad.

The strategies and actions identified here are also intended to support the core principles of the Canadian Landscape Charter, which are:

  • Recognize landscapes as vital
  • Consider all people
  • Inspire stewardship
  • Expand knowledge
  • Show leadership

Strategy 1: Improve relations with and learn from the successes of related professional organizations and other groups that support our key values and that will add strength to our messages.

Strategy 2: Increase the profile of landscape architects within all levels of government.

Strategy 3: Increase the profile of landscape architects within the public eye by increasing opportunities for LAs to be recognized and quoted in the media, and educating the public on landscape architecture.

CLICK HERE to read the ATF Action Plan 2016-2017

Advocacy Task Force Members

Michelle Legault  Executive Director, Ex-Officio
Jill Robertson, APALA, CSLA
John McMullen, OALA, CSLA, MCIP, RPP
Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, AALA, CSLA
Sarry Klein, University of Toronto
Stewart McIntosh, OALA, BCSLA (Inactive), CSLA
Natalie Walliser, SALA, CSLA
Jean Landry, AAPQ, CSLA
Peter Alexander, AALA, CSLA
Nastaran Moradinejad, BCSLA, CSLA
Douglas Carlyle, AALA, CSLA